Reminisce Over You

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So I’m officially back to my blog grind. It’s been almost a year without posting and I’m sorry for the ultra lag.

I’ll start off with some pics I found in my Flickr not too long ago.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a fetish for wagons. My 1980 Corolla Station Wagon. The story that goes with this yellow short bus is quite phenomenal. I know that everyone who loves cars has left at least one note with their phone number on a car. I do that quite frequently. Always hoping for that magic call with someone saying, “Hey, your number was on a note on my windshield…..I think I’m ready to sell my car.” Yeah, you know it’s true. Well, this is my note leaving story right hurrrrrr……

Just like any other day at work I was looking out the huge windows of the clothing shop I work at. Normally I’d be creeping, perving out you could say, on the chicks walking by to help time pass quicker. But, this day was different. While looking outside, hoping to see a girl, a yellow 1980 Toyota Corolla station wagon caught my eye. There she was, reverse parked, just staring at me. Fucking blinking almost, that bitch. Eye fucking the shit outta me. I couldn’t believe it. How could this magnificient machine drive pass and park without me seeing it. I immediately left my counter and walked outside; disregarding anything my manager was saying. I looked around to see if the owner was around, but no luck. I decided to leave a note with my number on it….Months pass and I forget all about that wagon till one day I get a call from an out of state number. The gentleman on the other line asked to speak with Justin (me of course). He quickly explains that he is the owner of the wagon and was currently living in the mainland. The person that received the note I left was just a friend using the car while visiting Hawaii. So I’m like, “Holy Shit!,” The guy who driving the damn car wasn’t even the owner. The owner of the wagon then tells me he has a composition tablet full of numbers from guys that were interested in the wagon when he was ready to sell. “I have a tablet with numbers in it, only thing is….it’s in Hawaii….and I’m in Vegas, with only your number in front of me.” Ohhhh Sheyett son!….You already know what happens from there.

Too bad I sold her last year…..yeah, like a dumbass. Anyway here’s the last pictures I took of her before I sold her.😦

Uncle Jun Jo

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Jun Jo. What more do I need to say? To some, his name brings thoughts of pro big wave surfer, great father, business owner, creepy white guy with an odd mustache at times (I like the stache), but to me Jun is a long time friend and employer of mine. He has watched me grow since 2002; the year In4mation opened in Mililani. Pretty much seen me go through puberty. Never coming empty handed, he’s always bringing smiles to the party. Check out his blog via Hypebeast. He covers all types of subjects on his blog, truly showing Aloha spirit.

Love you Junny.

Stay Gold!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Benny Gold while attending a trade show in Las Vegas last year. Fucking cool dude. Benny Gold tees and 5 panel hats are pieces I definitely anticipate on receiving in the store. Soon to be in Hawaii the full Benny Gold collection including denim, socks, keychains, and belts to name a few.

Here’s a little video from Phil Velasco (, that he put together prior to Benny’s new shop opening in Frisco. Enjoy.

Time for some Table making

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Thanks to a trade through a local friend; I will be making my dream coffee table.

Work Equip 03
My new table stand


offset size
And yes, you have read correctly they are real Works and in the size of 15×10 -16

Nasty lip and the reason why I am turning them into coffee tables. Those who know me well enough, know that I love furniture and modern architecture. I need some steezy tables for my room.


And the DIY I’m using is this.

Easy Day Off

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My boy’s 1970 Monte Carlo sitting in Garage Dhey. I can actually say that I helped with the body not much help, but yeahhhh.

Not much went down last night. Did a little bit of skating and then headed over to Garage Dhey. Chill night. Ultimate fighter and some Jack in the Box.

Fuct – Love Awareness Program

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Erik Brunetti (born 1967) is an American artist and designer. Credited as the creator of subversive street wear, he is a leading example of the post-situationist approach in design and art. His work focuses on re-appropriating various pop culture themes and creating new aesthetic ideals. It often evokes a provocative commentary on political systems and corporate identity, drawing inspiration from the freedom and exuberance of the 1960’s. As one of the most influential street wear brands during 1990’s, FUCT has become a household name and has had a huge influence on the subsequent generation of street wear brands and designers. From graffiti writer during the 1980’s to fine artist, Brunetti has successfully maintained artistic integrity, consistently pushing the boundaries of anti-consumerist counterculture through his artwork and designs. His art was exhibited in several venues during the 1990s, including a group show at Team Gallery alongside Tracey Emin, as well as a solo exhibition at OK Harris Gallery, curated by Ivan C. Karp. He has been hailed as one of the most prominent figures to have emerged from American street wear culture. []

Spring line should be showing up in shops anytime now.

Irons Brand- Situation Control (The Original Piece Keepers)

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One of my all time favorite brands, Irons, is making a come back this 2010.

Started by Mike “Irons” Alozona in 2001, and now relaunching this year.

Irons Brand is now in production. Keep dem ass cheeks tight…you’ll be seeing product soon.


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